Initial Consultation: Please email us to schedule a virtual appointment.

Pricing: All custom wedding dresses start at $1,000. Many dresses are under $1,500. Flexible payment options are available.

Month 1: Design Process

A $59 deposit is required to begin designing. You will choose your fabric, lace and do your measurements. Once all details are finalized, you will receive a custom digital illustration.

Month 2-5: Production

Your design is sent to our expert team of seamstresses. Production time varies due to wedding season and holidays. We recommend ordering your dress 7-9 months in advance. However, we can work with you anywhere from 3-12+ months. If you order only 3-6 months ahead of time, we can offer the previously designed dresses on our website. Our workshop is outsourced to provide lower prices and quicker tailoring.

Month 6: Shipping

We will notify you as soon as your dress is shipped from our workshop. All dresses are shipped to our Honolulu studio for a quality check. Then, will be ready for you to try on in-studio or shipped to you!

Month 7: Fitting

We recommend you schedule a fitting with a local tailor at least one month before your wedding date. However, this is NOT included in the price of your dress. Although our dresses are custom sized, it is impossible to get a perfect fit without being fitted in person. Please keep this in mind when budgeting for your bridal gown. Alterations can cost several hundred dollars.