10 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

  1. Stay True to Your Style: Are you edgy? Bohemian? Casual? Trendy? Don’t choose something just because it’s the kind of dress you’re “supposed to wear”. Find a dress that fits your personal style and you’ll feel like the most glamorous version of you on your wedding day!

  2. Book Your Venue First: If you’re having a casual outdoor wedding, you might want to reconsider that ballgown dress with all those extra layers. Think about the location and date of your wedding when selecting your dress. A dress that matches the theme and location will also make for great photos!

  3. Allow for Movement: Off the shoulder or long sleeve dresses can be gorgeous, but they can limit your arm mobility. Decide what features are most important to you (and your dance moves!).

  4. Budget: Have a budget in mind when shopping and don’t feel pressured to spend more than what you’re comfortable with. Also remember that many bridal shops upsell you on costly alterations or even garment bags. With Beatrice Bridal, custom sizing, free shipping and a zippered garment bag are all included!

  5. Shop Early: We recommend you order your dress with us 3 to 6 months ahead of time to ensure perfection! You may even want to shop earlier in case you need to make style changes or alterations, to be on the safe side.

  6. Doesn’t Have to be Designer: Do you usually wear designer labels? If not, don’t feel like you must spend the extra money on your wedding day. Most bridal shops only carry designer labels. There are so many other options for the same quality at much lower prices.

  7. Consider Wearing Flats: If you’re wearing a floor length dress, no one will even see your feet! If you do wear heels, break them in before the wedding and use gel inserts. And bring a cute pair of flats as backup!

  8. Keep it Timeless: Your wedding day is not the day to try an outrageous trend. Choose a timeless style with your personal flare to it. You’ll be thanking yourself looking back at photos 10 years from now.

  9. Play Up Your Body Type: Consider your body features when looking for wedding dress inspiration. Dresses with too many layers (think ballgown) can make you look heavier. And don’t be afraid to play up those curves with a fitted dress!

  10. Comfort: It’s almost as important as your wedding dress style. Some brides opt for a second dress to wear for the reception. But if you pick carefully, you can have the best of both style and comfort in your dress!

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